At Montheron, you will taste a creative and contemporary cuisine, exclusively prepared from fresh and seasonal local products.

Cheers and bon appétit !

Flat White pumpkin soup, peas, herbs, spices 16 .-
Strugeon, beluga lentils, citrus, white chocolate, cuchaule's blinis 23 .-
Chamois terrine from Les Diablerets, bitter gelly, pickled cucumber 23 .-
Forest promenade - mushrooms, roots, autumn leaves, pine 19 .-
Spaghetti pumpkin, tomato, fondue ravioli 18 .-
Main dishes
Sévery’s filet mignon of veal, barley, hop, bernese whisky 57 .-
Local dear nose to tail, coffee, cranberries, double cream 53 .-
Young wild boar, apricot, black trumpet, cola minth 39 .-
Whole rack of roe dear, great game accompaniment 63 .-
Wild trout, verjus beurre blanc, chorizo, pickes 43 .-
Cheeses from the market, dried fruits 15 .-
Alpine mojito 4.0 15 .-
Cheescake, dried fruits, honey jelly, toffee, nut wine ice cream 15 .-
Chestnut cream, pear panna cotta, beetroot meringue, kirsh cherry, hazelnut 15 .-
Gourmet's coffee
Coffee and three mini-desserts
15 .-
Homemade ice-creams and sorbets, per scoop 4.50
Wine pairing with desserts
Homemade walnut wine
Romanel’s green walnuts infused 12 months with spices and Lavaux’s red wine
Hydromel du Gros-de-Vaud
Honey wine crafted by François Brunet in la Sarraz
Tasting menu
Served to the entire table
Gros-de-Vaud’s burrata, vanilla tomato, basil
Chanterelles, roasted carrot, crumble
Frutigen’s Zander, ground elder, anise
Estavayer’s wild trout, ham bouillon, broccoli
Gros-de-Vaud’s duckling, cenovis, pickles, herbs
Beef tenderloin, matured 3 weeks on the bone, Clos des Abbayes wine sauce
Alpine mojito
Fruit texture, saffron panna cotta

4 courses – 85.-   |   6 courses – 105.-   |   8 courses – 130.-

Menus for large parties

Served from 10 people and up, these menus are suggestions and we will happily answer to your specific requests in a personal manner.
The menu will be served to all the guests.

To accompany your aperitif
The chef suggests 3 surprise snaks according to the market and his inspiration
Menus Montheron 1
with cheese 78.- CHF
Spinach young shoot salad, blue cheese, pear, walnuts
Sauvablin’s lamb, potatoes, Mont’s vegatables
Alpine mojito
Menus Montheron 2
with cheese 107.- CHF
Cherry soup, elderflower, cucumber
Trout, green peas, mint, marbled head
Beef tenderloin, matured 3 weeks on the bone, Clos des Abbayes wine sauce, summer vegetables
Absinthe “colonel”, verjuice, apple
Chocolate, toffee, coffee, yogurt
Menus Montheron 3
with cheese 88.- CHF
Mushrooms, celery, lovage, apple, céleri, livèche, pomme
Thierren’s duckling filet, carrots, horseradish, raisinée and cenovis full-bodied sauce
Red berries, double cream, meringue

Vegetarian and vegan menu

We will gladly create menus adapted to your specific wishes as well as for people with allergies or food intolerances.

From Wednesday to Friday we offer a selection of menus from our à la carte menu from Fr. 39.00.